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Digital product identity management platform for brands. Connect your items and unlock new customer experiences.

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Connect physical products to a digital ID

Give your product a smart digital ID. Manage product information online, ensure authenticity through smart codes and link multiple additional services to your products.

Manage your digital IDs and serialised codes with our smart platform

Digitalise products using QR, ID-E or existing GS1 code. You can also order and connect smart NFC tags for advanced used case and improved security through id-e® platform.

Build a custom product experience using ready-made templates and integrations

With our experience editor, you can add interactive modules into your product pages, such as authentication, registration, material details, reselling options and more. Furthermore, we provide additional customizations to a branded experience that effectively communicates your unique story.

Thank you for taking the time to explore our id-e project website. Our platform is currently in its early beta phase, and we value any interest towards the project, as well as potential partners in future opportunities together. We would be pleased to provide you with more information and hear about your ambitions with digital IDs.

Nikolas Holm. Founding partner, id-e®

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